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Our technology involves introducing cob, glass bead, sodium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate formulations into a low pressure air stream. This enriched air stream is finely tuned for size, flow and pressure then directed at the surface to be de-painted. These fine fragments cut into the coatings then explode from the force of being blasted. The tiny explosions help lift away coatings while greatly minimizing any damage to the cedar or other wood below.

Through Dwight Hoel, President of Canadian Cedar Log Ltd. (CCL) we were able to test and perfect our revolutionary process on an original CCL home in Okotoks, Alberta. This home had portions of failing original finish and numerous other coatings that had been applied by the owners through the years. Not only did we handle this challenge but we exceeded the expectations of Dwight Hoel and the crew from CCL. And we blew away our competitions results (sandblasting, pressure washing and chemical strip). That original test was in the Spring of 1998 and we've gone on to strip coatings from hundreds of homes since, all with the same remarkable results and satisfied customers.

What you can expect

1. We discuss our process with you, to best determine your needs. We request photographs, blueprints or drawings in order to determine what special considerations there may be, such as, walk-outs, ornate gardens, slopes, etc.

2. Based on this information we review, plan and generate a bid for your consideration.

3. Upon approval of the bid, we create a schedule. Our trained and professional crew will be on time and fully prepared to:

Prepare your home by carefully removing or protecting any surfaces not suitable or intended to be blasted.

Blast with the formulation chosen to suit the needs of your environment.

Blast with high pressure air to ensure dust and coatings are completely removed.

Buff with our special buffing pads, the entire surface of your home.

Blast once again, with high pressure air to ensure all dust and residual material is removed.

Clean up. We perform a thorough post-job clean-up.

We recommend at least 24 hours of settling time prior to applying any coating after our process.

We have achieved remarkable results with our unique process yet NaTECH Industries Inc. continues to innovate and develop new blast media and processes, furthering our commitment to provide the highest quality of wood and cedar log home surface preparation.